Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CBR Book#31: From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris

Just a reminder, SPOILERS AHOY!

Sookie is recovering from the explosion that rocked the vampire conference she attended in the previous book. Her boyfriend Quinn, a weretiger and event organizer, has not been in touch with Sookie since the explosion that broke both of his legs. The Queen of Louisiana and her surviving entourage are recuperating from the attacks, as are Bill, Eric, and Pam. Amelia, a witch Sookie met while cleaning up her cousin Hadley's affairs in New Orleans, is still living in Bon Temps as Sookie's roommate.

Sookie is pulled into the affairs of werewolves again when one attempts to murder her. Eric saves her life. Again. It seems the Shreveport werewolf pack is experiencing an extermination of their females. Alcide Herveaux blames Patrick Furnan, the new packleader, for the deaths. Furnan thinks that Alcide is behind everything.

Sookie is pulled into vampire politics again when the King of Nevada decides he would like to acquire the states of Arkansas and Louisiana from the current Queen. He doesn't want to marry the Queen, though, so he has some other ideas for achieving his goals.

Sookie is also pulled into the lives of the werepanthers that live in the neighboring 'town' of Hotshot. Her brother, Jason, is now a bitten werepanther and married to a full-blooded werepanther. His association binds Sookie closer to the Hotshot pack then she would like to be.

This book was full of so much conflict that one might start to think they had read one situation in a previous book. Nope, it all takes place in this novel. Sookie has grown a lot through the series and she's no longer as unprepared as she once was. She's making decisions with full knowledge of the consequences. She understands that politics come into play, even with supernatural beings. She understands her importance to those around her. It's fun to see and I look forward to the next book.

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