Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CBR Book#30: All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

Told you. Also? I'm having a difficult time writing about the Sookie Stackhouse novels without using information from the previous installments, so SPOILERS!

Sookie has been hired by the Queen of Louisiana to attend a vampire conference in Rhodes. The Queen needs Sookie's telepathic powers to read the minds of those humans at the conference in employ of the other vampire royalty. The Queen will also be tried for the murder of her husband, the former King of Arkansas. He had plotted against the Queen in a bid to gain her money, power, and the territory of Louisiana, especially New Orleans. Sookie is witness to the fact that the King began the hostilities and that the Queen did not murder the King.

Sookie is still dating Quinn, the weretiger. He is an event coordinator for the supernatural community, staying busy most of the time. He and Sookie haven't seen much of each other since the last book's events. Bill is still trying to overcome a revelation from the last book; something he had kept from Sookie but was ordered to tell by his sheriff, Eric. Sookie was stung badly by the news and is attempting to abjure Bill as the werewolves are able to. It isn't working out. Eric is still conflicted about what happened between Sookie and him while he was at her home with amnesia. Whew!

The conference of vampires is threatened on many different fronts. As Sookie puts it, there are "an overload of villians". The Queen's safety is at risk, as is the safety of all other attendees at the conference. The building, a hotel made to cater to vampire with safety features, may not be as secure as everyone hopes. Drama, as always, ensues!

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