Thursday, February 18, 2010

CBR Book#27: Dead As A Doornail by Charlaine Harris

Oh, Charlaine Harris, you nutbag you. You have to be one of the most delightfully insane, and clearly horny, writers working today. Miss Sookie Stackhouse is a telepath with a name that sounds half Chinese prostitute and half Southern dynasty. The books are populated with (POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHOY!) Viking vampires. Pirate vampire. Yakuza vampire. Fairies. Werewolves. Shape-shifters. Werepanthers. Weretigers. Maenads. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS OVAH!) I'm starting to think that Sookie must either smell or taste like an orgasm feels with all of the supernatural sexy that wants to bang her. And I love it all!

In this, the fifth Sookie Stackhouse novel, Sookie is pulled into the world of werewolf politics. I KNOW. Alcide Herveaux returns to seek Sookie's help in his father's bid for pack leader. When she does help, things don't turn out to his liking. Drama ensues.

Meanwhile, two-natured people, those that can shift into animals but aren't werewolves, are being targeted. Like, with a gun and stuff. One girl is dead and the leader of the werepanthers, Calvin Norris, and Sam Merlotte are injured. Since Sookie now has a personal tie to the shifter community, aside from knowing those within it, she decides to help find the shooter. Drama ensues.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Eric is pressing Sookie for information about his actions during his memory loss. Bill is in and out of the story, hoping to patch things up with Sookie after she dumped his ass. A new vampire comes to help at Merlotte's while Sam is healing. Undead dude is a pirate. Tara has a new vampire boyfriend named Mickey. Undead dude is a douchenugget. There is a new cook at Merlotte's as well, named Sweetie. (WHERE DOES SHE COME UP WITH THESE NAMES??!?) Drama, as always, ensues.

I love these books so much that I wish "True Blood" would just take each novel, or two at a time, and use them for a season. Sookie is the focus, no stupid Jason and hippie-chick V addiction crap or whatever. Just crazy, entertaining stuff without a lot of filler.

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