Saturday, February 6, 2010

CBR Book#24: Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

There are spoilers past the jump...

Sookie Stackhouse has settled back in with her vampire boyfriend, Bill Compton, after the events of Living Dead in Dallas. As Sookie arrives home from her shift at Merlotte's Bar, Bill is less than excited to see her and continues to give his attentions to his computer. Bill informs Sookie that he will be leaving for Seattle and if anything should happen to him, she should hide his computer and disks where no one can find them. Sookie is dejected and upset and she goes home.

Soon Sookie is approached by vampire Eric Northman and his associates Pam and Chow. They have some things to tell her about Bill. Mainly that he was working on something for the queen of Louisiana, he is missing, and he had decided to leave Sookie for a vampire ex-girlfriend. The vampires believe that the king of Mississippi has Bill and they want her to help them find him. Oh, and Sookie is being guarded by vampire Bubba who saved her from being killed by a werewolf biker while on her shift at Merlotte's. Got that?

Sookie is picked up the next day by a werewolf named Alcide Herveaux. He will be her escort into a bar in Jackson, Mississippi called Josephine's, aka Club Dead. Sookie will need to read the minds of the humans in the bar that are aligned with the king of Mississippi to find out if they have Bill, where they have him, and whether or not he is still, uh, undead. Complications ensue, as always.

I love these books. They are so fun to read and the crazy creatures and situations Sookie encounters are very entertaining. This book even has a choreographed dance to Pet Benatar's "Love is a Battlefied" performed by Sookie and Tara Thornton (who is much less annoying than she is in the Showtime series. MUCH). I mean, how can you not want to read that?

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