Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CBR Book#21: Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

The second book in the Sookie Stackhouse novels is a quick read and more interesting to me than the first was. Sookie and Bill's romance is not as convoluted and messy as portrayed throughout most of the first season of True Blood, the series based on the novels. There is less need for artificial melodrama or the introduction of characters that I couldn't give a shit about. There are also less boobs.

Sookie and Bill are settling into their, ahem, "life" together as Bill begins to be more accepted by the citizens of Bon Temps. Sookie still works at Merlotte's bar, her brother Jason is a background character who is dating only one woman these days, and Sam is less annoying. Andy Bellefleur is drunk after the debacle in the previous book concerning his detective skills. Sookie calls Andy's sister, Portia, to come and pick up Andy. The next morning, Sookie arrives at Merlotte's to find that Andy's car is still in the lot and that his rear door is slightly open. When she goes to shut the door, Sookie finds that Merlotte's cook Lafayette has been murdered and placed in Andy's car.

Meanwhile, Sookie has promised her telepathy services to head vampire Eric and he has loaned her out to the vampires in Dallas. Sookie and Bill travel to Dallas to help the vampire nest headed by Stan locate a missing member. While in Dallas, Sookie gets in too deep and has quite a rough time before returning home. Once home, Sookie is determined to clear Andy Bellefleur of Lafayette's death and places herself once more in harm's way.

As I said, this book was a quick read but enjoyable. While I enjoyed watching the HBO series, I found the myriad of characters and the melodrama quite annoying. The books have some real cheese to them as well, but they tend to steer clear of unnecessary focus on secondary and tertiary characters. I suggest reading the novels if you can find them at your library. I've got a hell of a wait on the third book in the series and have no idea when I'll get to it. But I will get to it!

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