Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CBR Book#16: Dexter By Design by Jeff Lindsay

The fourth book in the Dexter series picks up after the previous novel.  So spoilers are coming.

Dexter and Rita have gotten married and are now on their honeymoon in Paris. Dexter's Dark Passenger is bored as Rita drags Dexter to all of the sights of the city, leaving Dexter the Dutiful Husband to follow her whims. After leaving the Louvre, Rita is handed a flyer for a real art show. At the sight of the flyer, Dexter's Dark Passenger comes to life, stretching its wings and chuckling. Luckily for it and Dexter, Rita seems just as interested in the art show, which turns out to be a performance piece where the artist films herself stripping the flesh from her own leg.

Upon returning home, Dexter is called to the scene of a crime where two bodies have had their chest cavities scooped clean. The cavity is then filled with different items, clear plastic masks are glued to the faces of the corpses, and they are artfully arranged on the beach. Soon, Dexter is being stalked by someone that wants to make him his next subject.

The book series has all of the wit of the Showtime series but none of the extraneous bother of secondary characters and their personal lives. Lindsay tells an interesting story but doesn't really hide much from the reader. I would expect Dexter to pick up a bit more quickly on some of the clues he is given, but I suppose the events of the previous novel can provide an excuse for his slowness. All in all, worth a read, especially if you have read the previous novels.


  1. How much do they mention the supernatural crap from the last book? Too much Moloch, if you ask me.

  2. They only mention Moloch once, in reference to the Dark Passenger being a bit out of sorts and still resting. Yeah, the last book was a bit crazypants!