Thursday, December 17, 2009

CBR Book #14: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

First off, I had to wait about a month or more for my local library to get this book for me. The waiting list was hella long. Also, the day I started reading this novel, I received a disc from Netflix that I though was season one of Venture Bros.. It turned out to be the first two episodes of True Blood. Weird. An now I'm hooked on the HBO series and still not sold on the first novel.

Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana. She lives a life among other people with a near constant shield up so that she doesn't have to hear the clamoring of their thoughts. Sookie is working one night when a vampire named Bill enters Merlotte's, the bar where she works. Sookie is intrigued by Bill since she hadn't met a vampire since they revealed themselves to be more than movie fodder. Sookie is unable to read Bill's mind, giving her peace when she is with him. After Sookie foils a plot by some skanky Merlotte's regulars to drain Bill of all his blood for sale on the black market, the two become inextricably tied to one another. Love, of course, blossoms between the stony vampire and the outsider waitress. Then some women around town start turning up dead, leading to a mystery in the town that focuses on Bill and his fellow vampires, as well as Sookie's brother.

Harris's writing style is a bit, um, strange to read at times. She has quite an imagination and really lets the raunch out several times in her books. There is a ton of sex in the book, written in Harris's specific yet obtuse way. I flew through the book, wondering what would happen next to the characters. I'll probably try to read through the rest of the series and watch the rest of the HBO series as well.

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