Monday, November 23, 2009

People: Don't write in library books

I am working on Salem's Lot for CBR. I've been reading since I finished Rosemary's Baby. I am on page 47. I'm hitting the wall a little early here! I can usually fly through King's books, but not this time. I may cheat on King with another author for a while 'cause I'm a book ho.

Anyway,about the post title. Of the last four books from the library, three had writing and underlining in them. Come. On.


  1. Yeah bad form for sure, on the other hand, I'm always intrigued by other people's 'leavings'. I'm fascinated by what gets left behind I guess, bookmarks, notations,broken umbrellas....

  2. The underlinings in The Exorcist were not quite under the words, but mostly through, up and over them. Every thing having to do with Father Karras was 'underlined'. Salem's Lot is filled with notations about evil. I could ignore the underlining, but the notations..I HAVE to read them.

  3. I buy a lot of used books and have learned to live with minor underlining and note-taking as the trade off for $1 - $3 books. Sometimes you get interesting notations in library books but most times it is just borderline vandalism.

    Still, at least they are intact. I borrowed a copy of From A Buick 8 from the library and some evil bastard had torn out the last pages of several chapters (usually these were parts where something good/ supernatural was happening.

    And if you want a break from King but still have a taste for creepy, see if your library has "The Collector" by John Fowles. I highly reccomend it.

  4. If pages had been missing, I would have freaked out! That is over the line.

    And thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to look for Fowles on my next trip to the ol' free book building.