Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowpocalype: The Ice-ening

Not my home, but a good representation.
Holy shit, kids. The weather people said we'd get ice and power outages and then a layer of snow on top and we got it. At my house we're on Day 2 of Everyone Is Home and Momma Needs Some Time To Herself, Gawl. I need time to sing to myself, clean when no one is walking behind me and mucking things up again, and curl up and read. I can't do these things when the television is on and fluctuating between Word World and How The Earth Was Made constantly.

Luckily, our electricity only went out twice for about 2 or 3 minutes a time last night. I had set out candles and flashlights but when the electric actually went out I couldn't find the flashlight. SMRT. That's me. Probably more annoying was the fact that the electric went out twice during Easy A and the same part of the movie. Thank Godtopus for scene selection on Blu-rays. Easy A was a fun watch, good but not as awesome as I was expecting. I blame my fellow Pajibans for hyping it up. Sadly, I can't blame the crapulence of Devil on the ice storm, wind, Pajibans, or electricity. What a turd.

I went to bed and was awakened by the wind whipping at the house around 2:30 this morning. Then the wind was throwing ice or something at the house and kept jerking me away just as I was about to drift off to Dreamland again. (Which I would have loved to do since my dreams are awesome. I should really document them more on here and then try to get someone to pay me to make them into movies.) The Husband checked around the house this morning and found nothing amiss, save a few small branches in the yards, front and back. However, the house next door has a HUGE limb near the street and the house across from us has a huge limb in the driveway. The house across the street is empty, so, you know. That branch will be there until Mother Nature claims it back into the ground.

I shouldn't complain too much. My friends had their LOCKED front door BLOWN OPEN BY THE WIND. And their electric has been out since 11:30 last night. They're going to a hotel for the night. My aunt is without electric as well and apparently my brother lost power at his place last night. His one-year-old son was less than alarmed by this development, as he had a flashlight to play with so screw the dark.

So that's my boring recap of Snowpocalypse: The Ice-ening. I'm just glad I don't have anything exciting to relay about it.


  1. wow, locked door blowing open? that's some frickin wind.

  2. Say what you want about our high school graduation rate, I am happy to be in Houston right about now.