Thursday, February 17, 2011

CBRIII: Book#9: Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore

Jody Stroud is afraid. She's afraid of being alone, as evidenced by living with several different guys over the course of her lifetime. She's afraid of walking the streets of San Fransisco, crossing the street whenever a perceived threat crosses her path. Unfortunately, she didn't see the vampire that attacks her on her way home one night. The one that bites her, makes her drink from him, and then places her under a dumpster to sleep while she changes into the Undead.

This novel introduces us to all of the characters from You Suck , which I accidentally read first. Jody is more fleshed out in her characterization and some of the things that are discussed in the second book are, of course, explained in detail here. Tommy is even more of a sweetheart in this first book than in the second. For some reason, while reading, I kept imagining Jesse Eisenberg as Tommy and Emma Stone as Jody. I think those actors and the respective characters that they generally play are a good match for Moore's young lovers.

We also meet and get a bit more personality of the individual Animals that Tommy works with at the grocery store. Turkey bowling, whipped cream huffing, and shotguns in parking lots. Now the Animals being daft enough to give all of their money to a blue hooker named Blue is making a lot more sense. The Emperor is given more time as well.

Jody and Tommy get involved quickly, as is Jody's M.O., and move in together. The vampire that turned Jody decides that he doesn't like this and wants his new 'friend' all to himself. He begins feeding on people and then leaving the bodies where Jody and Tommy will be indicated as murderers. Jody has to figure out how much Tommy really means to her and how to protect herself and him.

While I liked this novel I have to say that I enjoyed You Suck more. I don't know if it is because of the more frenetic pace, whether imagined or real, or because the characters had history in the second one. It may well be just because I read the books in the wrong order. Who knows. I would suggest reading Bloodsucking Fiends before You Suck and the third book, Bite Me. While these books (I don't know about the third one; haven't read it) aren't what I would call Moore's best work, they are enjoyable reads.

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  1. I read them in the proper order and I also preferred You Suck (so did my friend who gave them to me)so I don't think the order had anything to do with it. I think for me, I liked that Jody was more in control in the second one and seemed less clingy, and less intent on getting a man (this may be because she had one, but Jody just seemed more mature in the second novel).