Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CBR Book#57: Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong

There may be spoilers all up in huuurrrrr.

This is the fourth book in Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series. This book focuses on the magical races of Armstrong's world; namely witch Paige Winterbourne and sorcerer Lucas Cortez. Lucas and Paige have been living together, with Paige's ward Savannah, in Portland, Oregon since the events in  Dimestore Magic  . Lucas is continuing his lawyer work helping supernaturals with legal troubles while Paige attempts to rebuild her ruined reputation and business while also approaching non-Coven witches about joining her in a new Coven. One day Lucas's father, Benicio Cortez, approaches Paige when Lucas is not home. He wants Paige and Lucas to know that Cabal children are being murdered and would like their help investigating.

Eventually Lucas and Paige agree to investigate, spurred mostly by the fact that the latest victim is a young witch. Lucas and Paige must struggle against the other three Cabals, the extra hatred of Paige from the Nast family, and their limited powers to find out who or what is killing these children and why. Luckily they have the help of werewolves Elena, Clay, and Jeremy, vampires Aaron and Cassandra, and necromancer Jaime Vegas.

I like the way that Paige, like Elena in her books, is slowly but surely maturing and taking steps to be the witch that she needs to be in her world. The characters don't stay in a constant state of idiocy or fiery-tempered impulsiveness. They all grow and change through the books and the different series they appear in. I also enjoy seeing the different characters overlap in order to pool resources. It opens up Armstrong's world and it allows for her to later tap into and share the stories that don't fit into the main narrative. I really enjoy those stories since they don't have that Big Bad to focus on and are more about the characters in some down time and every day, for them, activities.

Again, I look forward to reading more of the series. I hope that Armstrong keeps revisiting the characters and maybe takes those from her YA novels and brings them into the adult series. I would really like to see Derek, the young werewolf from the Darkest Powers series, interact with Clay and Elena. Simon, the young sorcerer, and Lucas would be an interesting pair as well. A girl can dream.

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