Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'd Like to Apologize for My Lack of Awesome

I've been going back and reading several of my posted book reviews and I'd like to say "I'm sorry". My writing skills have been diminishing rapidly since high school and have, clearly, nearly been snuffed out lately. I blame medication. The same medication that lets me quell my panic attacks and curb my incessant anxiety has also served to make me forgetful. This forgetfulness makes me think that if I don't get a book review done and posted within 24 hours of finishing a book, well, it just won't get done. I'll forget to do it. Alas, this leads to my embarrassingly short reviews of books that I would have previously delved into more deeply. It also leads to jumbled focus and horrible transitions, among other problems.

So, I apologize. I hope to edit some previous posts (though none that were already posted on Pajiba) so that they are more coherent. I also want them to be higher quality because I don't want to sully the memory of the person that this Cannonball Read is meant to honor. Maybe that's silly of me to think, that my reviews could do something like that, but, you know just in case. (Obviously my meds don't block out all of my irrational anxieties.)

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