Saturday, July 24, 2010

CBR Book#54: Broken by Kelley Armstrong

There will most definitely be spoilers in this review.

Elena Michaels is the only female werewolf. Her mate, Clay,  is the protector of the Alpha, Jeremy, of her Pack. She is the spokesperson for her Alpha. And she is pregnant. The first female werewolf pregnancy that anyone has heard of. If the mutts of the world thought they could torment Clay by abusing or attacking Elena before....let's just say the news isn't being broadcast across the supernatural world.

As such, Elena is forced into seclusion at Stonehaven. She gets restless, so when a call comes from half-demon Xavier Reese, Elena is eager to see what he wants. It turns out that Xavier is looking to cash in on his favor from his experiences with Elena during the events in Stolen. Xavier has been commissioned to steal a letter purported to be written by Jack the Ripper. Specifically the From Hell letter. A human would like to perform DNA tests on the letter to determine who wrote it and whether that person was indeed the one responsible for terrorizing Whitechapel in 1888.

In return, Xavier promises to divulge the whereabouts of a rogue mutt responsible for the deaths of three women. The Pack has been interested in finding this mutt and Xavier promises that he will deliver him before the letter is stolen. Since Elena is desperate to get out of the house and the whole situation seems simple and win-win, she convinces Jeremy and Clay to take the offer. Of course, nothing can ever be simple in the supernatural world. Once the letter is stolen, the werewolves accidentally open a portal locked within it, releasing zombies from Victorian times and possibly Jack the Ripper himself.

I was happy that I got to see Clay and Elena work together throughout the book instead of having her pushing him away or being kidnapped. The new characters and the brief return of old characters from other 'races' was also nice. As I've said, Armstrong has a whole world of different supernaturals to cull stories from, allowing them to overlap as well as play out alone. The differences between the supernaturals is also interesting, both in the way they operate and the way that Armstrong has changed them to suit her stories. These are fun and fast reads and I'm working my way through them all.

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