Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CBR Book#33: Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

Poor Sookie. I mean, it isn't all bad. She's gotten to bone two vampires and a weretiger, so that should count for something. Of course, she's also had the living poops beaten out of her since meeting all of these studs. But she didn't die...yep, I would like to be Sookie Stackhouse when I'm all groweds up.

This time around, it isn't vampires that are the focus, The weres, werewolves and other shifters, have decided to go public like the vampires have. They figure they're human, most of the time, and they already have strong community ties, so coming out should be a cinch. For the most part, the weres are correct. Only the Fellowship of the Sun is pissed, but they would've been pissed about the vampires or homosexuality if the weres hadn't announced their presence. Hate never takes a vacation!

Another thorn in Sookie's side is the brewing war between her great-grandfather, a fairy prince, and his rival, another fairy prince. The rival hates humans and intermixing of fairies and humans, so he wants to close the fairy gates to our world. Sookie's great-grandfather likes people and half-bloods, like most of his progeny and their offspring, so he wants to keep the gates open. Since Sookie is a fragile human relative of the Fairy Prince, she must watch to be sure she isn't caught and killed by the rival fairy's squad.

I hope to God that Harris puts out more Sookie novels, because I am not satisfied yet. MORE!

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